Investing a princely sum in purchasing several computers for their staff is probably the biggest mistake that proprietors of small online businesses, especially those who have just launched their business, make. They are not yet sure whether their business will succeed or not, yet take the plunge. Electronic goods, including computers will not get them more than 50 of the purchase value, even if try to dispose off the hardware and software after a month. They could have easily saved the sum invested in purchasing PCs by opting for computer leasing, and use the money thus saved for expanding the range of goods they promote. Unfortunately, most people do not want to go in for such a scheme because they believe that they cannot depend on such PCs. However, this is not true.

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The difference

Paying less money is the primary difference between computer purchasing and computer leasing. The cost involved in purchasing a single PC can easily get them several leased PCs. The best part is that they can opt for leasing PCs on a monthly basis. They need not worry if their business fails to take off since they can close the lease and return the computers to the supplier. It makes sense to opt for leased computers from a local supplier, as this will cut down on time taken to repair the PC if it stops functioning. By the way, this is yet another advantage of opting for leased computers.

No hidden costs and no headaches

The costs include maintenance and replacement. If the PC is damaged severely, then the supplier will replace it with another one immediately. This ensures that your business does not suffer. You should not expect such an experience even if you purchase new computers, irrespective of their brand, unless you have paid extra and opted for on site repair. Despite this, the manufacturer will take back the faulty PC if they cannot repair it at your premises. Be prepared to wait for a couple of days for them to fix the damaged PC and return it to you. This means that you can carry on with your business seamlessly when you go for computer leasing. Do not worry about the quality of the computers. Companies that offer computers for lease provide either branded models or PCs assembled by skilled technicians. You can find these details on the website of those companies.

Free software

You need not invest money in purchasing operating system and other general software such as the Office bundle since the supplier includes them when they lease the PCs to you. Are you aware of the amount of cash you can save in software costs when you opt for several leased computers? You need not worry about piracy too because the computer does not belong to you. It is a win win situation when you opt for computer leasing for your new business. Do not forget to compare the prices offered by several vendors before you lease computers from them. You should also ensure that they provide round the hour service.