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compaq tc4200 battery
New, 1 Year Warranty, Save 60%!

6600mAh compaq tc4200 battery (LiIon Battery) for HP Compaq Business Notebook tc4200

$ 50.15

Hi-Capacity *9 cell* and *6 cell* HP Compaq Battery for HP Compaq Business Notebook tc4200. Best Replacement for the original Battery : HP/Compaq : 360483-004, 364602-001, 365750-004, 372772-001, 383220-001, PB994A [9-cell, 6600mAH] [6-cell, 4400mAH]

compaq tc4200 battery Run Time for Playing DVD: HSTNN-105C, HSTNN-C12C, HSTNN-I12C, HSTNN-IB05, HSTNN-IB08

100% OEM compatible with the original HP Compaq Business Notebook tc4200 laptop battery, Full one year warranty.Retail Package , Fast Shipping

Please Note: This extended battery has a higher capacity(6600mAh) than the original 6-cell battery and it is thicker and heavier. The bottom extension raises your laptop comfortably when the battery is installed.